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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  August 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> paying close attention to this city and matt ackland is live with prince george's county fire chief ben barks dale, what is happening? >> reporter: cleve you've been out several days now, seems like every day i've been seeing you a lot of activity taking place. did your tour of duty take you to address in the city and county of philadelphi? what's happ happening. can you can you describe what's happening >> so we can control the access for people to come in and out so they can get the belongings. of right now it's been posted unsafe and here we'll going to go through the building advising the tenants left they have to evacuate. >> reporter: i'm noticing that things are getting boarded up. a lot of activity >> the board-up is to make sure that the premise is secure, while the tenants are away, as i said before, the property manage. will be able to make repairs and we want to make sure no one breaks in
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any damage or have any thefts or robbery, we're making sure that the building is secure >> you made the decision yesterday and said you got 24 hours to get out. why did it take so long? why was it yesterday? you've known about this issue quite some time now. what caused you to make that decision yesterday >> it's been, as you mentioned, it's been several years we've had issues with this building. and these properties, and in the beginning of the month, our inspectors went out and found some of the same issues we've been finding over and over. followed that up with another inspection, nothing had been changed. they came to me and said, chief hthis building is in horrible condition, we really need to do something possibly, you know, have them, mark it as unsafe, they showed me video, and it was very compelling and i came out friday and looked at it >> some residents would say they want to sell this, this is great place to develop. did that have any >> no bearing whatsoever. this was all about their safety. we
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oakland want the out cry way. they knew those conditions were occurring and they did nothing. we knew that, you know, this was occurring, and i did not want something like that to happen on my watch. >> reporter: i see some folks outside here, if you could show them up there. of they need to go tonight. right? it's an order that you've given and it has been followed and will they need to be removed if they don't go >> we don't plan on physically removing anyone. we're going to stress they need lead. those who want to stay we'll seek a court action while we have the authority but having the courts behind for those who don't want to use, for those individuals, we'll add a little more force. >> reporter: that's the latest. i'm told the parking lot will be cleared out. everyone
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up around the buildings and then also it's important to point out before i let you go that everyone has been offered a hotel room. no matter who you are, if you're from here, there's going to be a place for you to sleep tonight. some people say they can't go because they have pets, there is also an offer to put them in kendalls. just so you know, no one will be thrown out on the street, they're being provided shelter tonight and for at the foreseeable future. live in prince george's county, matt ackland, fox 5 local news. new video now of a man wanted in connection with a deadly shooting from earlier this month. let's take a look at the right side of your screen, surveillance video showing the man getting out of a back car at a bp gas station in green belt. troy foster was found shot to death along a trail in land am, if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. new surveillance video from
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in coldsville along new hampshire avenue. video shows the suspect going into the store, hopping over the counter and pulling the gun on clerks. the suspects made off with several types of prescription medication. right now, a $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. a lot of you talking about this, the self proclaimed world wide leader in sports. espn's decision to remove robert lee from a tell cast of the uva football game because he has a similar name to robert e lee >> general lee's statue was at the center of the violence in charlottesville between white supremacist and alt left groups that left three deaths in its wake, but espn now facing a critics who say political correctness gone too far >> tom fitzgerald on pennsylvania tonight to get reaction on what is going on here. what's going on,
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live at the museum, you can see the first amendment to the constitution, right to free speech is carved into that building. but in this day and age in 2017, there's also something else carved into people's consciousness and that is the knowledge that what you say and do and how you say and do it, could have consequences, if somebody else decides that you have offended them or are being. espn, the network may aim to avoid a politically incorrect situation when it removed their broadcaster from one of the football game. robert lee is neither a relative of the confederate general or named after him. in fact, the robert lee on television is an asian american broadcaster that has been somebody who's been pointed to with pride for many areas in american broadcasters for years. it's led
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and fox sports one play travis said in his opinion this is one of the most blatant examples of political correctness gone out of control he's he have seen. >> this is kind of an indictment of espn in general. what you need is somebody to be a reasonable person and say, wait a minute, do we really think that the average viewer is going to make the connection between an asian guy calling game and the former leader of the army of northern virginia in the confederate army? this makes it a bigger story than it ever would have been. >> reporter: now, for their part, espn removed robert lee from the game, quote because of simply because of the coincidence of his name. lee was slated to work the university of virginia game opener against william and mary on september 2nd in charlottesville. an espn spokesperson said this was a collective decision that quote
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this does not happen in a vacuum. the correct wave of political correctness has been rooted on the last self years on college campuses. university of missouri, yale university most recently, uc berkley in california which had alt left protesters grow violent after announcements of speeches by conservative speakers like mile low. a recent survey found that 71% of americans said that political correctness was damaging the crow. in fact, many people we spoke to today here in washington say in their opinion, political correctness and speaking up to hate speech have been mel ded in many way >> political correctness is -- i don't know necessarily agree with it. it's because i think that people should be whohe
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are. say what you feel, i mean, with respect >> i can also see how sometimes people are a little sensitive about some things that may be off-the-cuff kinds of remarks >> people have different lived experiences and have to be conscious of that. and what you say can affect different people differently. >> the political correctness absolutely? you have to watch every step that you make it's ridiculous. everyone is offended lately. it's terrible. >> reporter: keep in mind this is not the first time espn has found themselves in a political correctness controversy of their own making. in 2003, the network fired rushl ipbagh, for remarks many perceived to be critical of black quarterbacks and steven a smith was suspended for comments that many people say were blaming of women for domestic violence, tom fitzgerald fox 5. coming up one of the most popular tou
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could be dangerous for americans. >> there is a new warning from the state department about going to mexico, this time it has nothing to do with the booze there >> support for kaepernick rally taking place right now at the nfl headquarters in support of the unsigned nfl player, we'll take you live to new york where that's happening next. >> this is distinctly, there's another face looking at my daughter >> i blinked a lot. kind of made sure like i was really seeing it. >> a couple thinks their ultrasound shows jesus watching over their daughter, why they say it's a positive sign. sue >> hi there, jim and sarah, we're about to experience a change in season, officially fall is september 22. you'll get an early preview, i'll let you know what to expect with my forecast coming up when fox 5 local news at 5:00 returns. 5:00 returns.
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had. mexico put out on the warning list, current crime leading to truck cartels like robbery, kidnapping, murder. these areas have been spared from these violence but americans are being urged
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think twice about going. >> this is an opponent line being crossed. you think about cancun and places that it's surprising, i think, to most of us. >> a record 35 million people visited mexico last year, bringing in about 20 billion dollars for its tourism industry >> new video out of charlottesville, parks and recreation crews covered up to controversial statues with black tarps. confederate general robert e lee and stonewall jackson, they come one day after the charlottesville city council voted unanimously to cover both monuments. that vote came during a chaotic meeting packed with residents who were upset to the city's response to a white nationalist's rally. happening right now, protesters gathering in new york outside of the nfl headquarters on park avenue to support colin
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many believe the free agent quarterback has been effectively blackballed by the league for boycotting the anthem, many ours joined in, but kaepernick in spite of the fact he once led the 49 to the super bowl has not been seened. many civil rights and activists are taking part in the rally, that includes the naacp, justice league new york city and black lives matter founder. let's get a check of the weather, taking a live look outside, seems hazy >> and it is hot >> it is hot. not as hot and humid at least i feel, but sue knows >> definitely improving. we're seeing it is still on the warm side in dc, we expect it to hit 85, we did hit that today. but we are seeing that push of cooler drier air, starting to drive that front farther to the south, and as it does
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headed for especial really cool nights and tonight will be one of them. we'll see our suburbs falling into the 50's. we'll still stay in the 60's here in dc tonight, but each night, we'll getting progressively little bit cooler. clouds are pushing away with the frontal boundary, there have still been shower, northern and western suburbs gotten into the sunshine and now dc is in the sunshine, here are the shower, heavier activity with lightening over the southeastern virginia and closer to our area, we've had lighter showers pushing across lower southern maryland just about out of here now and the night will continue to feature lowering humidity, check out the temperatures, 85 still in dc, warm, but you get up towards hagerstown 81, winchester 79 and what we're finding is as the warmer air is getting pushed to the south, lower humidity coming in to and that is best shown with the due point temperatures, yesterday we probably had due points in the low 70's. of now
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that's comfortable. mid 50's north and west, indicating to us that our overnight low temperatures could fall into the 50's, that's a dry air mass and it's going to continue to stay really comfortable. here's your evening forecas, 80 at 7:00, partly cloudy skies, by 9:00, partly cloudy, 76, and by 11:00, 73 degrees. a look at overnight low temperatures, forecasting some 50's, as mentioned frederick, 57, hagerstown about 58. martinsberg 56, winchester, 55. here in dc, about 68. i'll call that kind of a cool night. no doubt about it. and quick look at your futurecast we'll be back to sunshine tomorrow. as we look toward the mountain there's a little disturbance re enforcing the cooler air. what about the weekend and have you heard about harvey? a new depression headed for texas and it may be an epic
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we'll talk about that in your seven-day forecast just head. back to jim and sarah. we're staying on top of a developing story involving a virginia priest who admitted he was indeed a former member of the ku klux klan >> he's asking for front of ness. but on a tonight a maryland couple is waiting for a personal apology from the priest >> krysten leon is live, and we heard from this couple today. >> reporter: jim and sarah, yes, we did, we're standing in front of their home where they say that back 40 years ago, in 1977, they found a burning cross right there on the 9100 block of drake place in front of their lawn, a memory they told me not only they will never forget, but now they have to relive again 40 years later. a memory for them, that triggers fear and intimidation, again, they bought the home in 1977 and they knew
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they were living in a prominently white community but there's no getting a call about the cross burning and we learned according to disability documents that william atchinson was responsible for this crime, he was convicted of a miss meanwhile offense and they ended up suing atchinson for filing their rights, we're told he ended's owing them $23,000 in restitution, but they they ever sue it or got an apology. a former leader here of local chapter in maryland becoming a priest and breaching at a catholic church not too far where they live. they were shocked and surprised by hearing this news, they still don't know what to believe, they don't know if atchinson is truly 74 the hateful actions he committed to them. again, 40 years ago. now, also standing out here i ended up talking to a neighbor
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who was there five year later from 1977 around 1982, when president ronald reagan came to visit the butlers, and again, condemned this hateful act, we have pictures here, i don't know how well you guys can see that. but we again have those pictures of president ronald reagan issuing an apology and condemning this hateful act. now, the butlers ended up telling me that in order for them to essentially order for atchinson to truly seek redemption or atonement, he would not only need to apologize but reveal and release the other kkk members involve. both parties are supposed to meet, once we find when, we'll let you know, reporting live in college park, krysten leon, fox 5 local news. a pennsylvania couple enjoying life with a new baby girl, it's what happened before she was born that has many people talking >> t
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image of jesus in her sonogram, her two previous pregnancies are several complications causing both children to be born with birth defects. she was relieved when she saw the image in her newest admission. >> there's another face looking at my daughter, when i seen it brought tears to my eyes, i was speechless, i didn't believe what i was seeing >> the baby was born yesterday, and she and mom are doing just fine. usually customers pay them, now american compress has to pay up >> why the credit card company must pay back $96 million for discriminationtory terms >> since i was 15 i've worked four hours a day, five days a week, no weekends, all the fun i could stand. >> you know it's like, god is so good to me. >> he's the voice of radio in dc, donnie simpson celebrating 40 years on the air we'll talk with him about what is next for the dc star.
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naacp. i'd like to introduce you to the ladies and tell you something that you had may not know of both. first graduated from the institute of cosmetology in okatshe oakland california. all these labels have been affixed to him for years now and year after year he earns his titles. >> back and talking with bobbie brown. forgot to mention in the last segment that bobby changed clothes. >> we started to just go on like nothing happened. never mentioning it. >> wait a minute, he had on something different >> did you guys knows from the beginning this is what you wanted to do? own your studio >> i kind of felt like curtis was forgotten a long time. not much talk about curtis
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mayfield. i thought he had some of the positive messages. socially. james brown and all the different credits say it loud, significant ♪ ♪. ♪ ♪. >> i just started to cry. >> i just started crying because there was so much in that moment for me. it was like how did i get here? >> you know him as the voice of radio here in the delaware county region, donnie simpson celebrating 40 years on the air >> we couldn't miss the opportunity. donnie simpson joining us from magic 102.3. donnie, 40 years, i don't know if you saw the video, when you look at yourself through the year, what do you think? >> wow. >> well it's funny because most of that is this is the first time i've seen it. i never liked watching myself on tv. i would never watch. i would never watch the show. >> right. it's just
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there. i did it. so it's just funny. it's like, i don't know. but right now, watching the piece that you just put together, it's -- a lot of history there for me. it was kind of emotional watching for me, you know, a lot of great moments that i had through the years on video soul and of course, 40 years on the radio here on dc, 48 altogether, i did eight in detroit before coming here. >> obviously, yeah, a lot of year >> it's kind of cool >> it is cool, cool to see that. looking back in the past. what are your biggest, i guess -- what are you most proud of, i guess, accomplishment wise as you look back at your career and where you're at now? >> i guess the thing i'm most proud of is the love and respect that i'm shown, you know, for guys to have me on your air today. you know, to show
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that. just -- you know, it's like that's the hardest they didn't know to accomplish in life to me. and it only comes with consistency over a long period of time, and that's the thing i appreciate most. and also, i think it says that the people understand that i get that love and respect because i give that love and respect. i love people. that's the greatest accomplishment to me. >> donnie, our industry changed. i know you certainly have seen a lot of changes in radio over the years. you're still here. and you know, that speaks lot to the connection you have with the audience here in dc. you know, what do you take away most at the end of the day when people come up to you on the street anddone me, we've listen to you for years or people just discussing you
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what goes through your head >> it still blows me away. i still don't quite understand why people feel the way they do about me. i just tried to explain it to some degree. what goes through my head is just disbelief. my grandkids are in the studio wisdom martin. i have four of them here and one on the way a she or he due in january. so sorry about the noise. the chatter in the room. but yeah, but it's, you know, it's just -- i don't know. it's just blows me away, man, people because young kids will come up to me and they know me and not just here in dc, but around the country, and other countries. and it's like how do you know me? i haven't been on tv in 20 years, you know, but they know you, and it's just mind blowing. it fills my heart. it really does. i've known
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through the years standoffish to their fans and i've had this conversation i won't name the person but i was telling this person that the thing that you don't understand is you block so many blessings that people say some of the most enriching and uplifting things to you and you block all of that because you don't want to be bothered with the fans, you know, it's just, yeah, you know, i love it. i just -- i love it. they mean the world to me >> donnie, i've only been here about two years but i know the story of donnie simpson but it's been an honor, come in any time, i know tony perkins wishes he could be here. >> he's not here today. >> we'll see you soon. >> i got to show you my video babe. this is my video babe's of my wife, pam, we been together 44 years in october. >> congratulations. >> anyway. >> all right >> thank
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>> you're a dc treasure. >> we'll see you soon, donnie, thank you. police find a 2-year-old wandering outside alone. who they arrested for leaving the child unattended and it wasn't the mom. >> a fire finding people without applies to live. >> reporter: the tale of two president trumps, the presidential statesman and the attack dog, we've seen it all and it's only wednesday. we're going to break it down coming up after the break. >> we got to have real and honest conversations if we're i'm going to changes that you nation socially economically, politically, and intellectually. >> racial healing on campus. a new federally funded program aimed at bridging the racial divide at colleges and university.
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. your headlines at the half on wednesday, first up search is on for the gunman who shot a man in arlington. it went down this morning in the 1,000 block of south frederick not far from bailey's branch park, the victim taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injury, there's no no threat to the community >> one of dc's fire boats sank this morning while dock along southwest waterfront. the boat which is typically used for water rescues is undergoing repairs, a spokesman said a mechanical malfunction caused the boat to sing >> lightening it happened on the roof of the woodbridge apartments on robin wood drive around 8:00 last night. everyone who lives there made it out safely. the red cross is assisting at least 70 people. this woodbridge man is facing serious charges tonight for leaving his 2-year-old relative at home alone. michael martinez is charged with child neglect. this comes after police spotted
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his 2-year-old relative wandering around outside saturday. the little boy was released to the custody of another family member, martinez is currently being held without bond. the president had several events this week with strikingly different can styles, calm steady speech at fort myer monday and anything goes in your face >> political reporter ronica cleary takes a closer look at the difference between the speeches and what it means for the presidentially agenda. ronica. >> reporter: that's right, you know, the president on monday spoke about the future of america's longest war in afghanistan. he was scripted and presidential. tuesday night, a campaign rally in phoenix he was bombastic and on the attack, the two could not have been more different. take a look. >> let us find the courage to our our divisions within >> it says i love all of the people of our country. i didn't say i love you because you're black or i love you because you're
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of war without victory >> i hit them with neo-nazi. i hit him with everything >> i i'm a problem. solver, in the end, we will win. >> these are really, really dishonesty and bad people. >> reporter: i spoke with lauren z ell, a political communications strategist about these dramatically different styles we saw from the president in just about 24 hour, she pointed out that monday's speech on afghanistan, that was really a speech for the beltway. tuesday night in phoenix, that was for the base. and at the end of the day she explained that the president has a wide variety of people he needs attempt to appeal to and that he does adjust his style and rhetoric based on where he is the topic and who he's speaking to. but she explain that day at the end of the day, substance and
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performance are going to trump any of the president's varying styles. take a listen. >> it's important for the people who elected him, that they want to get things done meanwhile while it may excite a crowd to criticize a senator, even without naming him, that doesn't help him pass things on capitol hill. so the people that elected him are expecting results, so it is important to focus on working with congress on things like tax reform and any sort of health reform that might still pass. >> reporter: she's referring to the fact that the president advisors told him not to name senator mccain or flake the two senators from arizona in last night's speech, while he followed their advice he clearly called them out. there you go. what do you make of the president's varying styles? does it help him? does it hurt him? weigh in, use that #5at630. you know i love to hear from you and we'll be back
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the you pulls of the people. ronica cleary fox 5 local news. former fbi director james comey is set to deliver an address at howard university this fall, part of a series of lectures he's been invited to give at the university during the upcoming academic year, he will be paid $100,000 for his new role. of school officials say he's already agreed to donate the money to a university scholarship fund that supports students who come from foster homes. in awake of the deadly protests in charlottesville, several colleges across the country are taking steps to address racial tension near america >> ten schools reading what they're calling a truth racial healing anding transformation grand that includes hasn't line university in minnesota using the money to create what they're calling a racial healing center. >> how many of you are just really interested in the topic >> summer of justice. >> thrilled you're all here >> a series of conversations on equity is one example
5:39 pm
university's aim to establish a legacy of inclusion >> we got to have real, honest conversations if we're i'm going to changes that you nation socially, economically, politically and intellectually. >> reporter: president miller aims to build a community free of racial hierarchy. dr. miller is one big step closer to that goal. now that the association of colleges and university awards handling a grant to create minnesota's first truth racial healing and transformation center. >> it's pretty darn amazing. of. >> reporter: in a competition between 125 institutions, ham lynn is one many chosen, including brown, duke and rutger. >> we're in good company >> the three-year initiative will honor ongoing trauma brought on by structural racism but focuses on creating new far narratives and relationship >> her team will engage people between all walks of life and will help write a guide for inst
5:40 pm
to help promote racial and social justice >> the idea is there will be ten institutions that are models in a sense. >> students welcome this news >> all of the efforts to stop racial injustices and discrimination are long overdue. >> reporter: the very sentiment, in light of philando castile's shooting death and the deadly rally in charlottesville has her leaders to be at the helm of empowerment and set up a lasting tone. >> we all need to be standing up. our students are relying on us to do the right thing. >> that was iris perez reporting >> let's head over to sue for a check of the weather >> we're banishing the humidity. it willing rolling out in the next few hours if it isn't already noticeably better. and a nice improvement in temperatures, 86 average for this time of year, dulles and bwi, 83, we're headed for 50's and 60's in overn
5:41 pm
push of dry air followed behind the cold front touched off yesterday across the mason dixon line, that air will be hanging around for awhile, we'll let you know what to expect for thursday, friday, weekend beyond, coming up your full forecast in just minutes, fox 5 local news at 5:00 will be right back.
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♪. american express has a huge credit card bill on its hands, the company is set to pay $96 million to customers in the u.s. and puerto rican for charging hire interest rates. american express said the issue was discovered during an enable review in 2013. it agreed to pay $95 million to affected customers and an additional 1 million by federal regulators as well as established new guidelines to insure it never happens again. >> uber is trying to become more
5:45 pm
driver, friendly. the ride hailing ap is adding more features including trip type previewses driver notifications make it easier for drivers to manage their time behind wheel. working in tv news, yu know, anything can happen. we know that, anyway. at any given moment. >> unexpected interruptions during a newscast. now, one british news anchor know that is feeling all too well after being up staged by a butting new star, this is almost like what we saw with donnie simpson with his grandkids. >> new guidelines are being issued to stop doctors missing cow's milk allergies in infants, you may hear, i have two wisdom martin and i'll be talking to the family in just a moment. >> joining me now are mom lucy and her children george and their right at the front of my desk the delicious iris who will do whatever she chooses to do. of >> skin rashes, vomiti
5:46 pm
stomach, consultation, colic. >> and you're looking pretty fit >> what she likes is not on the desk. >> she has to avoid -- >> i'm sorry, i love the fact you have this proper british guy. this is most british name for a news anchor, ally star stewart. covering a story about allergies in kids and interviewing the mother but iris stole the show >> that's hilarious. >> fine, she does it it's adorable, i do it it's disturbing. >> that's right. >> don't forget. it would be. >> that's hilarious, reminds me of the one that went viral. his kid comes in and the mother is grabbing them out of the picture. best i believe i watched that 1,000 times. i laughed like crazy, this is great too. nice to celebrate a beautiful day and a trend i believe you're going to enjoy. the trend is your friend everything. >> the trend is your friend >>
5:47 pm
through your weather headlines to let you know that wow, we're headed for the 50's and 60's overnight and it isn't going to be soup me, the humidity is dropping even, so to speak, and it will be taking a hike for the foreseeable future. temperatures going forward, not today, but go forward are going to be more typical of what we might see around here in mid september. i'm calling eight fall preview. doesn't officially start until september 22, i'm not in a rush to get fall, i love summer but it is nice to get a break from the tropical humidity, it's just been so outrageous and fuels up the big thunderstorms, we'll keep this going through the weekend. it looks terrific as well with plenty of sunshine. what about the next two days? how about 82 degrees tomorrow? cooler than it was today. we hit 86 today. we'll see that humidity making it really comfortable as well. have to say there could still be a spotty shower with a little piece of energy coming across the mountains late day, that's a reenforcing of the cooler air. that means friday will be cooler, sunny, nice,
5:48 pm
i showed you just a little while ago, the frontal boundary brought the dry air in. that means low 80's for us tomorrow, 70's to the north, a beautiful thursday ahead. followed by a fantastic friday. and weekend. your planner for tomorrow, 70 at 8:00 in the morning, mild start, we're dry through noon and at 5:00 lower mcdonald again in the mountains, can't rule out a spotty shower here and there, nothing widespread and a check of temperatures now while we're still at 85 here in the district. lots of other places are below that. and overnight low temperatures are going to head for the 50's, and maybe some mid and upper 60's probably 68 for dc. so a look at temperatures tomorrow, a mild day expected really comfortable. could be some mid 70's in the northern suburbs to low 80's here in dc. 78 for annapolis. this is a depression we've been tracking for awhile. harvey, harvey is unfortunately looking like it's going to start getting stronger in the gulf of
5:49 pm
mexico and right now, we are expecting harvey to start moving toward the corpse christy area and unfortunately, getting a little bit stronger but the bigger problem is, it's going to be quite a horrendous lurker and check out the flooding rains anticipated ahead of this slow moving system between now and monday of next week, seven to as many as 12 inches, corpse christy to houston worried about the forecast, even new orleans will get in on some of that very heavy rain, it's the dry air that will be suppressed to the south. keeping us spectacular day ahead for us thursday, friday and check out your friday. that's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. upper 70's through the weekend and monday, all gorgeous days, next chance of showers, just a 30% chance on tuesday. at 79 degrees, maybe we throw in a thunderstorm for good measure on wednesday, with a temperature of 80. that is your seven-day forecast. but much more to talk about, fox 5 news at 5:00 will bri
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skins are gearing up this westbound after their zero and two start >> brody logan was at redskins practice, live in ashburn with more. wash we seeing anything or are they just treating us like another preseason game? >> jim, they say the third preseason game is the most important be the one that kind of counts. you mentioned the zero and two start, if you look at the preseason standings, the redskins are last, zero and two, why are you looking at that? i'm going to tell you you have over four months of this. take a couple weeks, don't get worked up, don't get so worried. that's part of it. the redskins it's an upward trajectory, to they actually out gained the packers in their second preseason game which is more than say for first preseason game but as redskins
5:54 pm
anymore self football news, let me show you an overreaction, something from today's practice. in, a double bhief terrell pryor, out and up, total the burn, josh norman, he doesn't get the foot in for the damage. people totally overreacted on social media, saying how norman gets burnt all the time. it's preseason, that's how fans react. any bad play is the worst ever and good is the best ever >> you guys can be excited or down, whatever you wanted to, obviously it's doom and gloom if we lose. we should perform better in the first two games offensively especially >> is it a little bit frustrating we didn't have that? sure. but fortunately, some of these guys played a lot of football. and i'd like to think that any rust that would be there
5:55 pm
going to be gone by week one. >> reporter: any frustrations could be alleviated by the return of jordan reed back out in practice for the first time all of training camp. no word on if reid will play in this preseason game but he wants to get out there and feel live hits. >> i think it's important just to, throw some hits and live bullets at me and things like that, get my feet under me. it's been rough, you know, being away from the team and, you know, not getting those reps is mentally hard >> we're always looking for the match-up advantages and they tend to be in jordan's favor because of how uniquely gifted he is and usually a guy covering him is not necessarily the top cover guy on the team. >> the reason fans get worried when they don't see jordan reid out there of the 64 games he could have been in since 2013 he only played in 46.
5:56 pm
this sunday the game against the ben galls on fox 5, 4:00 the coverage starts, maybe we'll see jordan reed, but we'll see you after this break.
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fire and rescue department hosted free haircuts for kids. kids had to be under nine and classes for students being on monday and when you do it there's no better way to come back than with a nice fresh face >> shawn and lauren demarco standing by for your newscast beginning right now. this is fox 5 local news at 6:00. first at 6:00, residents in a maryland condo complex are out of time. their homes have been declared unsafe. tonight, we're live at police begin
6:00 pm
>> seeking redemption, the victims of william atchinson's hateful actions speak out in a public news conference. what they said atchinson has to do in order for them to truly forgive him. and more protesters sounding off against president trump. his latest remarks just one day after defending his controversial comments on charlottesville. the news at 6:00 starts right now. the time is up for people who call the lynnhill condominiums home. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm lauren demarco in for tony. residents are given a 24-hour window to leave the premises. hotel rooms and assistance were longer term housing are being offered up. for many this is just a nightmare. matt ackland live in prince george's county with more on all of this, matt. >> reporter: as you might be able to hear, i'm going to quiet down this patrol car making an announcement >> please go to the black bus in the parking lot and miss


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